The Boy Who Wasn't There

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The Boy Who Wasn't There was featured on Brum Radio as part of their Tall Tales season, hosted by Phil Ellis and read by Matthew McConnell.




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Since the accident Beth is scared of everything.

Victoria’s calm voice and support is a life-saver.

But only Beth can hear Victoria.

Is she real or is she not?

Will Beth survive when Victoria has to leave?

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Freshly Caught Faries

Hero fairy, Robin Pindrop sneaks into Madworld to rescue Princess Emmy Breezewalker and her companion but promptly gets them all swallowed by a Snotwarbler!

Yes, this is a mad, funny story but could this be the start of a series of adventures featuring our Rob?

If you would like more Robin Pindrop stories, contact me through my website and let me know.

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